Amin Javid currently resides in Southern California and plans on opening his practice in early June, 2016. He currently works with some of the industry's leading figures as well as doing biomechanical research and illustration with various Physicians and organizations worldwide.

I dedicate this launch to the Veterans of the United States for their courage, sacrifice and selflessness that should never be forgotten. Also, to my five-year-old nephew Noah, whose innocence, unwavering love, and unstained heart reminds me every day that the greatest artist of all is God.  It is with tremendous pride and humility that I present to you my first collection in my human anatomy series,"The Silver Collection."  This is a limited edition collection of 400 high-resolution prints, whose each piece is individually signed and numbered with an embedded seal of authenticity.  In addition, all pieces are printed on the finest 17x11" linen-paper available to me.  

Following my graduation from the University of California San Diego, I completed my Doctor of Chiropractic at the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic. It was during my internship at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Connecticut, a Yale University Medical School affiliated program, that I discovered the tremendous advantage of having visual resources when explaining a particular diagnosis or treatment rationale to patients.  For instance, when I was treating patients with any neuromusculoskeletal issues such as a disc herniation with radiculopathy, I found that drawing the lumbar spine and associated nerves enabled me to much better explain the etiology of the problem.

After numerous similar experiences, I began to draw other anatomical structures that are involved in common disorders, in order to better serve my patients. Accordingly, I aim to primarily provide doctors with a highly effective resource to aid in educating patients about their diagnoses and treatments. Understanding how the individual pieces each function separately in maintaining the larger system is key to understanding biomechanics and medicine at large.  Art, specifically illustration, transcends all barriers including gender, race, age, and ethnicity. 

 "An image can speak clearly, that which words often fail to pronunciate"